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Our WMS --- Indigo Software has many happy customers across the UK, Europe and APAC, including...

WMS Specialists

Indigo is a leading warehouse management software solutions provider. As a Global warehousing and logistics supplier, we provide WMS software either on premise or in the cloud to customers across a variety of industries.

WMS specialists for over 40 years, Indigo deliver and support a total warehouse management system with expertise and integrity in a mission critical environment. Our team of highly knowledgeable consultants have first hand experience in warehouse management settings, so you are guaranteed to receive a focused solution rather than a purely IT led solution.

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Benefits of Indigo WMS

  • Up to 99% improved stock accuracy
  • Improved On Time In Full (OTIF) performance
  • Immediate realtime access to accurate stock information
  • Increased operator productivity due to system driven solution
  • Greater agility to respond to ever changing omni-channel demands

Indigo is a leading Global warehousing and logistics provider, implementing warehouse management software solutions either on premise or in the Cloud for customers in a variety of industries.

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2021 Trends: How will the retail warehouse adapt?

27 November 2020

Consumers have switched in droves to e-commerce and the warehouse lies right at the centre of a successful e-tail operation. It’s fundamental to any e-commerce strategy working efficiently. Here are Indigo’s top tips for retail in 2021 and beyond.

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WMS is a key technology in post Brexit manufacturing supply chains

20 January 2021

If you are a manufacturer and reliant on a non-UK based supply chain, or perhaps you are selling to customers in the EU, here's how the Brexit FTA works. How could a WMS benefit your warehouse operations?

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