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Our WMS --- Indigo Software has many happy customers across the UK, Europe and APAC, including...

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Indigo is a leading warehouse management software solutions provider. As a Global warehousing and logistics supplier, we provide WMS software either on premise or in the cloud to customers across a variety of industries.

WMS specialists for over 40 years, Indigo deliver and support a total warehouse management system with expertise and integrity in a mission critical environment. Our team of highly knowledgeable consultants have first hand experience in warehouse management settings, so you are guaranteed to receive a focused solution rather than a purely IT led solution.

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Benefits of Indigo WMS

  • Up to 99% improved stock accuracy
  • Improved On Time In Full (OTIF) performance
  • Immediate realtime access to accurate stock information
  • Increased operator productivity due to system driven solution
  • Greater agility to respond to ever changing omni-channel demands

Indigo is a leading Global warehousing and logistics provider, implementing warehouse management software solutions either on premise or in the Cloud for customers in a variety of industries.

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Indigo Software is Hiring an IT Engineer

06 August 2020

Indigo Software has a job vacancy for an experienced IT Engineer to join our Technical team based at our headquarters in Durham.

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07 August 2020

Is your warehouse still relying on Excel spreadsheets, paper pick notes and possibly inefficient warehouse management processes driven through an ERP system? Now, as businesses begin the long recovery from COVID-19 having a finely tuned warehouse operation driven by best of breed WMS technology, is more important than ...

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