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With its roots at the beginning of packaged software in 1980, the focus was on developing packaged software for IBM mid-range computers. Formed as ‘Data Design’, a successful partnership was formed with IBM to jointly seek new clients, resulting in Data Design becoming the first ‘Agent’ back in May 1983. This success formed the springboard for growth and to seek wider opportunities, Data Design became a reseller for JBA in 1988, taking their successful Business/400 ( now known as ‘System21’) to market. This partnership worked well resulting in JBA taking part share and we renamed ourselves JBA North East.

The 90’s were a period of success with JBA North East winning numerous new clients with System21, although this was constrained to the North East of England.  In the pursuit of further growth, JBA North East in 1992 became the specialist in the now global JBA world for Barcoding and Data Capture, developing technologies to automate the capture of inventory movements and subsequently the running of the Warehouse.  This gave JBA North East a specialism for Warehouse Management which today sits at the core of Indigo’s strength.  

By 2002, JBA had been acquired by Geac and we became wholly independent, adopting the name ‘Indigo Software’ and relocating to our new premises; Indigo House.   At this time, Indigo had already built a wide WMS client base of Warehousing clients, primarily in the UK & Ireland, but also spanning the globe from New Zealand to Newcastle and from China to Croatia.   Indigo continued with Geac to be the System21 global WMS partner, a relationship which continued through as Geac were sold to Infor in 2006.  Indigo continue today as Infor’s most successful Channel Partner for System21 and support  a client base of over 50 organisations using the ERP.

Indigo pride themselves on their reputation of high customer satisfaction and strong values.  These characteristics are very important and define the ‘personality’ of Indigo.  Of course, our WMS applications are rich in capabilities, but only form a part of our proposition – we sell successful projects and always seek to deliver the expected benefits and Return on Investment.  Testament to this lies in our high customer satisfaction and Indigo’s commitment to providing a high level of support resulting in the unique claim that all our customers are referenceable.

These values were defined by the staff in 2004 and have lived at the heart of our recruitment & training, form the promise that we offer to all customers and sit more important than profit to the business.  The values are :-

  • Reliability:  Deliver the expectation we set, be a safe pair of hands in projects and always deliver robust software
  • Integrity:  Remain trustworthy, open honest and be respectful
  • Competence:  Take ownership and show leadership with passion
  • Caring:  A real desire to support Customers and colleagues.

Each year the first 4 questions in our annual satisfaction survey ask how we are performing against these values.  The results are available on our website and we believe support our claims with Integrity recording 90% satisfaction in 2012.

Indigo today continue to provide real depth of experience in the WMS marketplace. This is contributed to by our consultancy team being recruited from Industry and bringing real life experience to our implementations, accompanied by our highly acclaimed support desk.  Our customers enjoy a bienniel conference to meet up and hear the latest from Indigo as well as a customer speaker presenting a recent project experience.

Today, Indigo provides excellent software with Indigo WMS and is committed to providing annual releases with new capabilities in, ensuring that we remain a natural choice as your warehousing partner.