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How We Work

Below is a summary of a typical approach to how Indigo would implement a warehouse management system. Just click on the link which interests you and you will be directed to a summary of that stage. For more information call us on +44 (0) 191 375 6700


Implementation Planning

This part of the project typically includes the internal and external kick off meetings.  A tentative project plan will be produced and presented to the customer for timeline approval

Project Launch

Staff will be informed of the impending changes to the processes and procedures and advised of how the changes will benefit both the business and their own roles.

Project Review

These monthly meetings will take place to update the teams on the progress of the project and to assist in achieving the baselines set up in the project plan.

Hardware Configuration

This is required to be completed early on in the project following the identification of the required hardware, its ordering and subsequent delivery.    Some local infrastructure will be required to create the WIFI network in the warehouse and provide any local PC or printer upgrades.

Process Review

This is perhaps the most import stage of the initial phase of the project.

This stage allows us to document all the detail required to enable a successful implementation.  One of Indigo's senior consultants will look at the day to day detail of each relevant process and produce a document that will be used throughout the project. 

Software Configuration

This normally follows on from the External Kick Off meeting and allows Indigo to provide the correct level of software for loading.

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Planning and Delivery

This part of the project allows Indigo to train the super users in the warehouse and other functional areas of the business.  Indigo always approach the training using a super user concept as this ensures that you can then train your own staff in the most appropriate and timely manner.


This section of the project allows you to understand the solution and resolve any process issues.  This ensures that all the issues encountered will have been investigated and resolved prior to the Business Acceptance Test.

A lot of emphasis on your people and processes is made in this area.  Indigo would typically see customers spend a large percentage of the month understanding the product and process reengineering. 

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Migration/Cut Over Planning

This phase involves the setting up of all the item profiles and any other required static data.  

Test Migration/Cut Over Plan

This is a test process where any data migration can be tested to ensure compliance.

Business Acceptance Test

Indigo always highly recommend a customer acceptance test to ensure that any day to day issues are identified before any Go Live.  We would typically over a number of days process one full day of actual live transactions in the test system.

These will typically include works order creation / receipts, purchases and some/all of the typical warehousing transactions, order despatch and perpetual inventory processes.

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End User Training

Indigo will assist in this area of end user training.

This stage will include all aspects of documentation for the users, for example crib sheets, and build confidence in the new processes that are to be implemented.

Pre Go Live Preparation

This section includes the final sanity check of all the data and set up to ensure a successful project Go Live.

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Locate and manage with our warehouse management system

Go Live

Go Live Support

To ensure a smooth Go-Live, support during the Live week will be provided by a team from Indigo and include your staff where required.

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