Peter McLane - Non Executive Director | Indigo Software

Peter McLane - Non Executive Director

Initially pursuing a career in Production Management, Peter made the transition into software via a career conversion course in the late 70's and discovered that the combination of business experience and software development skills was invaluable. In 1980, Peter took the plunge and formed Data Design, now known as Indigo Software. At the helm of the business for well over 36years, Peter built up a lot of experience which shows today in the high customer satisfaction, depth of staff capability and strong products which are all supported by a financially robust business. Proud of his achievements, as Non Executive Director Peter maintains a real passion for Indigo and looks with excitement to the continued growth of the Company in the WMS marketplace.

Outside of work, Peter is a family man with interests in badminton, golf, cycling and sailing. As a founder, Peter is also Director of the Tyneside Badminton Centre, a new and substantial facility designed to give badminton a home in the area and fulfilling a long standing need to put back into the sport which dominated his early years.