Cherson Technologies

Cherson Technologies

Cherson Technologies Ltd. was established in 2000 and specialises in manufacturing label printing materials and fully representing world-wide famous brands of Barcode Printer to complete our label printing solution.

  • Cherson Technologies logo barcode and label printer solutions
    Cherson Technologies logo barcode and label printing solutions

Cherson treats every customer and supplier as our business partner. Our relationship is not just simply buy or sell, we strive to provide efficient after-sales service and technical support by cooperation with our principal suppliers. We are proud of our excellent sales and technical forces, which promote our value added products while providing professional knowledge to enhance our customers' competitiveness.

Cherson has a good reputation for the quality of products and services. Our technical support team is committed to work with our customers, understand their needs and to provide a total solution for them. We also realise that time constraints and price competitiveness are the crucial factor for success, whether your order is large or small, our aim is to turn your enquiries into quotes as quickly as possible. This together with its strong customer focus allows Cherson to look forward to a successful future with all its business partners throughout Hong Kong, Macau, China and Asia.

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