iComputing Solutions

iComputing Solutions

iComputing Solutions, Inc. (iCSI) is a leading IT solutions company headquartered in the Philippines.

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iCSI is a Filipino owned information technology solutions company, specialising in the enterprise resource planning (ERP), human capital management and financial sectors.  The company was founded in 2011 by local entrepreneurs and professionals known for their competence and experience in information technology, human resources and finance and it now counts some of the most successful companies in the Philippines as its customers.

Current growth in the Philippines logistics and supply chain sector is being driven by a number of factors including: accelerated government spending investment on road infrastructure, the rapid rise of e-commerce increasing the demand for last mile deliveries and warehousing, and a more prominent cold chain sector for both cold storage and transportation in the food and pharmaceuticals sectors.  To keep up with this growing demand, warehousing facilities need to upgrade to handle larger volumes of traffic and invest in more efficient, digitised management systems.  Technological solutions such as real-time tracking and Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) provide end to end logistics information about shipments, with real-time data available to end customers and up to date tracking records of the movement of goods in storage facilities for logistics providers.

Software as a Service (SaaS) has become a very popular option among Philippines companies seeking to use WMS technology because of the advantages it offers, including lower entry cost and risk, cost-effective growth and access to the latest technology.  In partnering with iCSI, Indigo Software is able to leverage its specialist local IT expertise and knowledge to deliver its best-of-breed Indigo WMS technology to leading Philippines corporations, using the SaaS model.

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