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Advanced Receiving Processes

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All good warehouse management systems start their advanced inventory management processes right at the very beginning - at goods inwards. But a great WMS gives you the ability to capture all of an item’s attributes before storing it safely and securely in the appropriate area of the warehouse. Indigo WMS offers this, and so much more.

For many companies, the ability to receive advanced shipping notifications is now a prerequisite. Indigo WMS allows for the scanning of serial shipment container codes (SSCC), enabling the supply chain to be tracked at far greater levels of detail. For example, you can process receipts simply by scanning a SSCC off the back of a trailer – it will then instantly be added to your system.

Not all suppliers have access to EDI and ASNs, but anyone can use a spreadsheet. As a result, where advanced receiving processes are not available from your supplier, you can ask them to pre-populate a spreadsheet, which can then be imported directly into the system. In this way, you can enjoy the benefits of advanced receiving processes for all suppliers, without exception.

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