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Advanced Ship Notifications

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A warehouse is just one link in a much larger supply chain. This means that even the best-run warehouses can only ever be as efficient as the rest of the chain. If just one area is underperforming, then the entire process can grind to a halt.

But with a good warehouse management system (WMS), not only can you streamline your own operations, you can also do your bit to ensure that things are as good as they can possibly be even after your stock is dispatched. 

Indigo WMS lets you send advanced shipping notifications (ASN) to your trading partners at the time of dispatch.

Because they’ll be able to view all impending arrivals, your trading partners will be able to plan the receipt and ensure the process is effectively resourced. This will reduce the overall time taken to process shipping while ensuring that the accuracy and quality of their data is maintained.

ASNs can speed up the delivery and invoicing process, enabling both you and your clients to enjoy a more streamlined and efficient service overall. So Indigo WMS won’t just improve your operations. It will improve the operations of everyone you deal with.

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