Indigo Launches in Asia Pacific

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Indigo Launches in Asia Pacific

04 April 2016

  • Indigo APac Hong Kong Skyline


Indigo Software announces the launch of its Asia Pacific operation and opening of a new wholly owned subsidiary, Indigo Software Asia Pacific (Indigo APac). Established to sell and implement Indigo’s warehouse management software (WMS) solution across the region, Indigo APac will be based in Hong Kong and headed by a Regional Managing Director.

The appointment of Mike Hill as Managing Director of Indigo Software Asia Pacific is integral to the company’s Asia Pacific expansion plans. A very highly regarded business leader and expert in warehouse automation, Mike Hill has over 35 years experience in the software development industry, with over 25 years spent in the Asia Pacific region. He has previously held senior management positions with Infor, Amber Road and ecVision where he worked with a variety of solutions across a broad range of industries.

As Asian economies continue to mature, human resource costs have increased. The reliance by manufacturers in all sectors on technology to manage their supply chain operations is becoming more widespread. Indigo’s expansion will enable local manufacturers responsible for producing European and US brands to have access to a proven and highly regarded warehouse management software solution and in turn, benefit from the cost savings associated with efficient, accurate and technologically advanced warehouse operations.

Indigo already has a number of existing customers using their WMS in the Asia Pacific region, including Bunzl and Wesfarmers in Australia and New Zealand. The company intends to bring to Asia its considerable expertise in managing warehouse operations in sectors such as apparel and footwear manufacturing.  This is where large volumes of items are now produced by an ever-expanding number of mid sized manufacturing operations, many of which still rely on paper based processes to run their warehouses.

China represents an interesting market for Indigo. The higher cost of products produced in China, fuelled by the increase in wages, the high value of the Yuen and high worker turnover has led to an increase in demand for warehouse management software solutions to help achieve the same operational efficiencies that European companies have relied upon for decades. In addition, as a result of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement, emerging Asian economies such as Vietnam’s are expected to boom, with up to 28% higher exports, again signalling high future demand for warehouse management solutions such as Indigo’s.  *

“A proven software solution such Indigo’s represents an ideal option for Asian manufacturers in established markets such as China, plus new emerging trade zones like the Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia. The large installed base of leading UK manufacturers gives potential customers the reassurance of a high quality solution and with the local support infrastructure of a new Asia Pacific office, we can implement quickly and efficiently, with minimal business disruption,” says Peter McLane, Managing Director Indigo Software.

“China is no longer a low wage economy and manufacturers need to identify ways to improve cost efficiency, which is creating a large demand for proven technology solutions. Elsewhere, the TPP agreement represents an excellent opportunity for emerging countries to begin outsourced manufacturing for big brands, especially in Vietnam, where apparel and footwear is tipped to grow by 50%. We are very optimistic about future growth prospects,” says Mike Hill, Indigo Software Asia Pacific.