Indigo Customer Conference 2017 - "Best conference to date".

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Indigo Customer Conference 2017 - "Best conference to date".

29 September 2017

  • ICC 2017


This year’s Indigo Customer Conference, held on 19th September, has been a great success. We received a large turnout for both customers and partners of Indigo. Held at the Sketchley Grange Hotel near Coventry, our customers were able to join us on the evening prior to the Conference for a three-course meal and an opportunity to network amongst their peers.

The Conference day itself was a bustling array of speakers from different businesses and industry sectors. Highlights included a sneak peek at Indigo WMS updates and future development plans, as well as insights into company’s WMS implementations such as ‘Blue Earth.’ and ‘Alphamega’.

The Feedback from 2017’s Indigo Customer Conference has been overwhelmingly positive with delegates describing the conference as “The best conference to date”, “Well executed and enjoyable” and “Really worthwhile event. It was great to talk to companies and Indigo staff about future projects in a social environment”.

You can these and more in our downloadable feedback overview infographic HERE.

Be sure to stay up to date with Indigo for video testimonials from the day to follow shortly!