What to expect from Indigo at IntraLogisteX 2019

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What to expect from Indigo at IntraLogisteX 2019

18 January 2019

  • Indigo Software at IntraLogisteX 2019
    Indigo Software at IntraLogisteX 2019

Holding excess inventory can be costly and is becoming more widespread due to future economic uncertainty.  When it comes to raw materials and finished goods management, it’s no longer a case of ‘just in time’ but a question of ‘just in case’. Here are 5 ways Indigo WMS will boost your warehouse operations.

Putaway management and location assignments

Effective put-away maximises space utilisation and ensures product movements are minimised. Indigo WMS automates this by identifying where to store items based on available spaces, pick frequency and special storage considerations. 

Pick route optimisation and planning

Travelling absorbs a large part of picking time, so sequencing tasks within an order is crucial for efficiency. Indigo WMS evaluates the day’s order pool, assigns tasks to operatives and shows them the fastest routes to reach stock items. Goods are picked more quickly, using minimal resources.

Shelf life management and stock rotation

Using Indigo WMS to optimise stock rotation means items with a limited shelf life are picked first to avoid wastage. It’s important for perishable raw materials, finished goods and packaging items, which impair product quality if used past their expiry date. Indigo WMS simplifies this by reminding operatives of which lots to select first.

Perpetual inventory (PI) stock counting 

Daily PI or cyclical counting supported by Indigo WMS eliminates the need for monthly or annual stock counts. It’s business as usual whilst stock counting is in progress and shrinkage is minimised, because materials movements are automatically tracked electronically.

Traceability management

Indigo WMS creates reports detailing lot/batch/expiry date information which conform to compliance requirements and enable trend analysis. Users have a full audit trail tracking each element of stock during its entire lifecycle, right down to the source of raw ingredients at the SKU, UPC and lot level.


If your warehouse needs a boost, drop by on Stand # 426. 


Indigo’s supply chain experts will be available throughout IntraLogisteX 2019, with practical strategies to make your warehouse as efficient as possible.