Insights from Philippines and Hong Kong logistics events

Insights from Philippines and Hong Kong logistics events

02 January 2019

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It has been a very busy final quarter for Indigo Software and our experience, after attending two of Asia’s largest logistics and supply chain events in late 2018, demonstrates just how much commercial potential our work across this continent offers.


Last mile optimisation

The Philippines’ annual logistics conference, SCMAP, promises two days full of meetings with interesting experts and companies keen to adopt warehouse management best practice. This year was no exception and for Indigo, it provided an opportunity to watch one trend we predicted 18 months ago in action – the so called ‘uberisation’ of the supply chain and the benefits this has on rural economies.

An explosion in consumer demand through e-commerce and small-scale road hauliers has led to a huge interest in improving the last mile for customers and the creation of online marketplaces offering low cost transportation services. Within the Philippines, the last mile is especially challenging to get right because of traffic congestion, immature infrastructure and the fact that many homes and buildings in rural areas do not have formal addresses, making it complicated to find locations. Indigo wrote about this in 2017 and it’s very interesting to witness the impact of these developments and the important part technology plays in finding a solution, at SCMAP this year.


Belt and Road logistics opportunity

Thanks to China’s hugely ambitious, $900 billion Belt and Road initiative, Indigo observed unprecedented interest from logistics providers and manufacturers at the recent ALMC -Asian Logistics and Maritime Conference. Dubbed a 21st century Silk Road and shipping route, the route will connect China’s southern coast to east Africa and the Mediterranean, and overland, connecting China with Europe, via Central Asia and the Middle East.

One of the premier industry events in Hong Kong each year attended by a C-level audience, this year delegates included a broad mixture of potential investors, from Turkey, Africa, India and China. They all share a keen interest in becoming involved with the commercial opportunities presented by Belt and Road.  Many visitors were keen to establish distribution centres along the trade route and want to open their doors with warehouse management software implemented from day 1. Indigo has been actively implementing its solutions into forward thinking Asian companies for a number of years and very interested in developing partnerships with complementary solution providers and integration specialists.

To talk to Indigo about partnerships in the Asia Pacific region, contact Mike Hill on +852 8192 6407 or 6436 9797 (Hong Kong), or +63 917 892 5558 (Philippines).