Coronavirus: How Cobwebb DocStore enables employees to work efficiently and safely from home during the COVID-19 crisis

Coronavirus: How Cobwebb DocStore enables employees to work efficiently and safely from home during the COVID-19 crisis

23 March 2020

  • Home Office Working Cobwebb DocStore WMS
    Home Office Working Cobwebb DocStore WMS

There is a massive shift in work practices due to the global COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic.  The increasing spread of the virus around the world is resulting in a large number of countries actively encouraging (or even mandating) home working and self-isolation to limit the outbreak.  In order for businesses to minimise disruption and keep their employees productive in a remote home working setting, they need access to information and printed documents such as Invoices, Credit notes, Purchase Orders and Monthly Statements.  One effective and efficient way to do this is to provide secure access to a paperless document management solution over the internet.  Such a solution enables a single and immediate point of online access to relevant information so that remote employees have all the up to date documents they need in order to continue to deliver the high quality, reliable customer and supplier service expected of your business.

A leading example of a web-enabled document management storage solution that is available for the IBM i (AS/400) platform is Cobwebb DocStore.  It makes full use of your investment in the IBM i platform and requires neither additional servers nor additional databases to maintain.  It brings together your business documentation and IBM i smoothly and efficiently, saving you money, helping you to offer a better service and allowing you to stay on top – automatically – of your communication with both customers and suppliers.

It provides a proven, simple, effective and affordable method for any IBM i generated document or report to be formatted, indexed and stored on IBM i, and intelligently searched for and retrieved via a web browser.  It delivers fast document access using the latest IBM i, IFS storage facility.

Using the IBM i security protocol gives secure access to all documents so that only individuals with specific authorisation can access documents.  A web browser viewer allows users with the required authority to access all documents in the system directly from their browser from anywhere on the network (or Intranet) without any direct application connection.

The IBM i native Cobwebb DocStore automatically captures spooled files, merged form and report output from your ERP system, and stores these files in a retrievable .PDF format.  Simply use a web browser with intelligent search criteria to selectively print, email or fax retrieved documents.

Cobwebb DocStore can also be used by your warehouse or distribution centre for the efficient storage, retrieval and printing of barcode labels, dispatch dockets and accounting documentation, all of which integrate fully with your ERP and WMS systems.

The effect on remote workers in your business is tangible.  Your staff will have access to mission critical customer and supplier documents as well as internal information normally distributed on paper reports, no matter where the employee is located.

Indigo Software has distribution and support rights for all of the Cobwebb document management products in Asia Pacific.  Cobwebb has an extensive customer list in the Asia Pacific region, in countries including Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Mauritius, with reference sites that include famous household names such as K-Mart and Costco.

For further information on how the Cobwebb DocStore can allow everyone in your organisation, including remote home workers, to immediately access all the information they need, when they need it, during the COVID-19 crisis please contact Mike Hill - e-mail: