Indigo Software announces partnership with DropStream to provide real-time stock availability to e-commerce merchants

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Indigo Software announces partnership with DropStream to provide real-time stock availability to e-commerce merchants

21 May 2021

  • DropStream logo Indigo WMS ecommerce integrations
    DropStream logo Indigo WMS ecommerce integrations

Durham, United Kingdom and Atlanta, GA, USA – 21 May 2021 – International warehouse management systems (WMS) specialist Indigo Software today announced a partnership with DropStream, the leading provider of automated e-commerce fulfilment integrations.  The partnership means e-commerce providers can improve their value proposition to customers by offering the highest possible levels of accuracy with their real-time stock availability data.  This is made possible with an innovative automatic connection between warehouses powered by Indigo WMS and e-commerce storefronts using DropStream’s e-commerce integration platform.


All e-commerce companies live and die according to the strength of their reputations.  Without a physical presence to reassure and attract customers, reliability of service and quality of product provided must be second to none.  Added to this, people are increasingly making buying decisions based on stock availability as well as price at any particular moment in time.  Problems encountered - for instance, Black Friday bargains not being available as advertised can result in either the vendor suffering a negative review or having to take drastic action to placate the buyer.  Both options are costly, but in different ways.


Having a real time link between the fulfilment centre or warehouse and the e-commerce storefront will significantly improve warehouse management efficiencies.


DropStream currently provides over 120 automated shopping cart integrations, online marketplace and ERP integrations, including: Shopify, Amazon, eBay, Magento, NetSuite, QuickBooks, Etsy, Groupon, PayPal, Squarespace and Wayfair.  The integrations automate order fulfilment workflows allowing e-commerce orders to be directly imported into the WMS, and tracking numbers to be exported directly to the online shopping cart.  DropStream also has a powerful logic engine that facilitates custom order workflows and enables smart-routing of orders to multiple locations internationally.


Integrating a best of breed warehouse management solution such as Indigo WMS with e-commerce storefronts delivers many key benefits for warehouse users including: cutting the time spent on managing inventory, a better organised warehouse layout, increased productivity and cutting fulfilment time, improved stock availability communication, reductions in losses and shrinkages, improved safety standards and increased customer insights.


We’re delighted to be working with Indigo.  We’ve been providing e-commerce fulfilment integrations to companies in North America for over a decade, and have been looking to gain exposure to a wider international audience.  This partnership with Indigo WMS is a natural fit, as we believe the combination of Indigo WMS and DropStream provides a powerful and streamlined solution for companies across the globe that are looking to scale e-commerce fulfilment operations quickly,said Tom Tzakis, CEO, DropStream.


The e-commerce sector was already a fast-growing market for Indigo and the pandemic has further accelerated this trend.  This partnership with DropStream will really benefit our warehousing customers by delivering significant efficiencies in their operations,added Mike Hill, Chief Sales Officer, Indigo Software.