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Indigo Software has been supplying warehouse management software to our customers for over 40 years and we are proud to share their case studies. Simply hover over each logo for further information. If your organisation is looking for warehousing and logistics solutions, contact us today.

  • PUMA

    “Indigo demonstrate an empathy with their customers where projects (no matter how small) are treated as a team effort.”
    David Butler, Head of IT UKIB
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  • Tommee Tippee

    "Indigo are honest, straightforward and the level of communication has always been excellent."
    Chris Barber, ERP Support Analyst
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  • Regatta

    “Indigo’s WMS solution has enabled us to improve picking accuracy and order fulfilment very significantly.”
    David Holt, Operations Director
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  • Tetrosyl

    “Indigo’s WMS has been invaluable and has enabled Tetrosyl to meet significantly larger levels of demand.”
    Barry Rennie, Logistics Manager
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  • Ring

    “The staff at Ring only have positive things to say about Indigo. Our consultant was very professional and a delight to work with. Our annual stock take has be
    Paul Whittaker, Group IT Manager, Ring Automotive
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  • NGK

    "NGK decided to continue our long standing relationship with Indigo Software. This is a fantastic opportunity to move forward together with Indigo to this excit
    Dan Boon, Supply Chain Manager
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  • Baker & Taylor

    “Since Indigo WMS our stock location accuracy has increased beyond measure, this has ensured the delivery of over 150,000 books to over 1200 locations each week
    Andy Brown, IT Manager
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  • Panache Lingerie

    “The project was excellent, being delivered with very few issues and to budget.”
    Nick Fournier, Head of Logistics
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  • Evans Vanodine

    “Since implementing Indigo WMS we have complete stock visibility and our customers are reaping the benefits too and satisfaction levels have increased significa
    Anthony Evans, Systems Director
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  • Dickies Workwear

    "Indigo has been a great asset for Dickies as we have expanded over recent years. It is an ideal solution for the apparel sector and very intuitive."
    Clive Mills, IT Manager
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  • Bunzl

    “Indigo’s software is very well written using the latest programming techniques. It is probably the best business software we have ever installed"
    Geoff Reid, ERP Manager
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  • Wesfarmers

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  • Ionics

    “A two week proof of concept project demonstrated that Indigo WMS was the right solution and had the capabilities we require both now and in the future."
    Jay Chavez, VP for Supply Chain Management
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  • Sandvik

    “Indigo’s consultants have been second to none and their commitment, dedication and knowledge has enabled this project to run smoothly"
    Tero Lehtinen, Process Support Manager - Assembly
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  • LS Starrett

    "Of all the vendors we contacted Indigo took the time to learn about our business and offer us a relevant solution"
    Stuart Black, IT Manager
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  • Greene King

    “When Indigo WMS is fully implemented, it will facilitate smoother running of our warehouse, allowing us to improve our services to our customers"
    Tony Macken, Brewing and Distribution Director
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  • Lees of Scotland

    “One of the main benefits of Indigo was the immediate improvement we saw to stock management and traceability.”
    Steven Purves, Supply Chain Director.
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  • Blue Earth Foods

    "Our experience with Indigo is that we have found a set of people that operate in an open and transparent manner."
    Paul Ziolek, Head of Supply Chain and Logisitics
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  • Alpha Mega

    "We have worked with Indigo for over 15 years, they have helped us tremendously, which is enabling us to face our competition better than ever before."
    Stelios Papaxanthos, Chief Financial Officer.
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  • Coastal Pet

    "Right from the outset we felt very confident choosing Indigo would mean minimised implementation risks and maximised business continuity."
    Dana Duff, IT Director
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  • CooperVision

    "Our warehouse employs a large workforce and bringing in Indigo WMS will significantly improve efficiency and productivity."
    Shane Cowley, Logistics and Site Manager
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  • Loch Lomond Group

    “Indigo WMS will allow us to make finished goods put away much more efficient & ensure we are achieving a higher proportion of on time in full shipped pallets."
    Tony Brewerton, Plant Director
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  • Barrus

    "Adding the Indigo WMS software means we have the ability to efficiently track the movement of goods throughout the business."
    Keryn Clarke, Director of Operations
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  • Artex

    "After a careful review of all the available solutions, we believe that Indigo WMS offers the correct fit for our future business."
    Kelvin Phipps, Systems and Process Development Manager
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  • Valser Synergy

    “Indigo WMS provides a good fit for Valser Synergy and brings a proven track record of managing the complex warehousing needs of manufacturing companies.”
    Yusri Mohamad, Group COO
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  • ESPO

    "We have seen clear returns from the outset and could never have achieved the profitability and performance levels we're seeing today."
    Dave Pearson, Warehouse IT Systems Analyst
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  • Virginia Hayward

    "Indigo Software's consulting team were very knowledgeable and knew our industry as well as their own software."
    Steve Wilkiinson, IT Director
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