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"After a careful review of all the available solutions, we believe that Indigo WMS offers the correct fit for our future business."

Kelvin Phipps, Systems and Process Development Manager, Artex

  • Artex Warehouse Management System Distribution Lorry
    Artex Warehouse Management System Distribution Lorry
  • Artex Easyfix WMS graphic
    Artex Easyfix WMS graphic

Part of the multinational Saint-Gobain group, Artex’s vision is to create a competitive distribution network with the highest levels of customer service.

Artex provides a vast array of builder’s merchants, decorating centres and DIY stores up and down the country with a tailor-made 500+ product offering to suit their individual needs. This includes offering flexible, multi-drop distribution and delivery services, which allow customers to order the exact products and quantities they need starting from as little as a half a pallet of mixed products. Artex also offers 24-hour turnaround express delivery services for parcels of select products weighing up to 25kg, which are delivered according to a timed booking slot.

Offering such a high degree of flexibility adds increased complexity to warehouse operations and could result in increased logistics costs. To avoid this and realise other key benefits, Artex has turned to Indigo Software for a best of breed warehouse management system (WMS) capable of relieving the administrative burden on warehousing teams and enabling its logistics operation to deliver more product more quickly, and with increased accuracy and flexibility.

Two of the deciding factors in selecting Indigo WMS were the software’s highly intuitive user experience - especially for new WMS system users - and Indigo’s strong track record of completing seamless implementations, with minimal disruption to normal business operations. Indigo will be fully integrated with SAP for the seamless exchange of customer data and incoming sales orders with pick and dispatch processes. This will include extracting real-time feeds from SAP and pushing ‘confirmation of completion’ data back, once the end to end logistics process is complete.

Artex chooses Indigo iWMS to build ultra flexible real-time distribution service