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Efficiency Reporting

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Running a successful warehouse is an extremely complex business. At any given moment dozens of processes are taking place simultaneously, and each process is as critical as the next.

As a result, if something goes wrong – or if you feel that your warehouse isn’t performing quite as well as it should be – it can often be difficult to pinpoint the source of the problem.

That’s where Indigo WMS can help. With our efficiency reporting software, you can get a complete overview of how every process is performing, all in one single intuitive and uncluttered interface.

Indigo WMS is built around a structured relational database, providing all the data required to give you full visibility of the current work in progress, alongside a statistical analysis of all completed work.

An extensive catalogue of enquiries and reports gives you selected views of the warehouse performance at whatever level is required. Some transaction data is pre-cubed to allow efficient up to the minute reporting via the leading analytical tools, without having to process additional extract updates.

With the Indigo WMS efficiency reporting tool, you’ll always know precisely what to do to ensure that your warehouse is operating at its best.

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