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Expected Receipts

The Indigo WMS expected receipt function allows you to manage inbound logistics, providing an overall view of all expected receipts while giving you a clear idea of the resources required for unloading, processing, and putaway.

With the pre-advised delivery management system, you can import electronic messages from suppliers to give confirmation of products and quantities that are due to be delivered into the warehouse. Once the delivery arrives, the products can then be quickly and efficiently received into the warehouse and put away, updating and verifying the pre-advised delivery. This streamlines the goods in process while minimising the amount of resources required overall.

Indigo WMS provides an immediate visual indication of the resources required. Before goods arrive in the warehouse, the degree of effort required to physically unload, process, and put away the stock is accurately displayed in a simple graphical format.  

The goods in diary is an interactive 'drag and drop' feature that lets you view, add, amend, block, cancel, assign docking bay, and complete delivery bookings in calendar format for goods inwards deliveries. It also offers the ability to control repeat bookings.  

Capturing item attributes through Indigo WMS ensures that the quality of information provided to the professionals in your business is both timely and correct. 

Indigo WMS also offers various stock management and quarantine functions. For example, you can auto freeze inbound stock to prevent any order commitments prior to technical sign-off. This process transfers the ownership of the task from the warehouse teams to the more appropriate technical areas of the business, ensuring stock is never sent out in error.

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