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Indigo WMS

Indigo WMS is a market leading warehouse management software solution providing exceptional real time control, visibility and function. Indigo WMS resides alongside your ERP solution including BPICS, Movex/M3, SAP, Oracle, JDE, Maapics, PRMS and many more ensuring that your data in your system is live, up to date and visible throughout your entire process.

  • Locate and manage with our warehouse management system
  • Handheld warehouse management system device
  • Efficient Warehouse Management System

Indigo WMS provides you with real time inventory tracking from the moment it's received into the distribution network through to final dispatch to the customer.  This means that processes such as cycle counting and forward pick replenishment are available as well as allowing for better forecasting resulting in reduced inventory levels.

Indigo WMS is a system driven software solution designed to increase space utilisation and operator productivity so as to ensure that the businesses priorities are given the focus they need. Proper stock placement makes best use of your valuable space and also optimises operator work paths. Operator work is presented in real time so as to minimise walk and travel times but also to drive productivity to meet your service level and labour management goals.

Using real time rather than paper based processes effectively removes the instances of mis-keying, duplication and losses that a paper based system can bring. This ensures increased picking accuracy and fewer returns, resulting in on time, in full deliveries of the right products at the right time. 

We have over 400 man years’ of collective experience in supply chain solutions. This ensures that the system is specific and tailored for your operating environment ensuring optimal performance and robustness. 

Our team of highly knowledgeable consultants have “real world” experience in a warehouse setting, ensuring a practical and business process focused solution, rather than an “IT” led solution.  Our ethos is to do the right things in the best way possible.