Indigo QuickStart

Indigo QuickStart

Benefit from Indigo Software’s award winning Warehouse Management System (WMS) delivered in an easy to use QuickStart package.

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  • Quickly transform and optimise your warehouse operations
  • Latest best of breed real-time inventory tracking system
  • Rapid, fixed price WMS deployment
  • Faster WMS Return on Investment (RoI)
  • Scalable cloud based solution
  • Simple to manage low cost subscription model
  • Delivered by Indigo Software’s leading industry experts

Let’s work together to provide a solution to your warehousing challenges, whether created by the global pandemic, BREXIT, changing business models or rapid company expansion. We will quickly have you up and running with a 12 months subscription to the latest Indigo WMS.

5 and 10 user packages for a low monthly subscription.

No maintenance costs, no support costs and no server costs.

Do you need a solution to these challenges?


  • Keeping your staff safe as your business emerges from this pandemic.
  • Satisfying unpredictable demand.


  • Dealing with staff shortages.
  • Retraining new staff.
  • Losing valuable business knowledge as staff leave the business.

Want to be able to ‘grow’ into a full-blown WMS without substantial upfront costs.

Moving your business online.

Who is Indigo Software?

Indigo Software is a warehouse management system specialist with over 40 years of experience providing warehouse management solutions with expertise and integrity, in mission and business critical environments.

With support and development facilities in the United Kingdom and Asia Pacific region, Indigo Software is providing access to a proven and highly regarded WMS solution to companies around the globe.

What is Indigo WMS?

Indigo WMS is a system driven solution designed to increase operator productivity and ensure that the businesses priorities are given the focus they need. Indigo WMS will also help improve your stock and inventory accuracy, allowing for better forecasting, resulting in reduced inventory levels. In addition to this, the automation of manual, paper based processes, effectively removes the instances of mis-keying, duplication and losses that a paper based system can bring. This automation also ensures increased picking accuracy and fewer returns, resulting in on time, in full, deliveries of the right products at the right time.

What's in the box?

Free site assessment

  • Resource optimisation.
  • Operational optimisation.
  • Technology review.

Rapid Deployment

  • Get up and running quickly.
  • Preconfigured, industry specific templates.
  • Predefined analytics and exception management.
  • Standalone implementation, or with simple ERP integration.
  • Superuser training, solution optimisation and go-live support.

12 month subscription

  • Delivered in the cloud.
  • Up to 10 simultaneous users.
  • Core Indigo WMS capability.
  • Integration to ERP where required.

If you would like to discuss how Indigo WMS can help improve the efficiency of your warehouse please get in touch