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3PL Warehouse Management System

The global third party logistics (3PL) market is estimated to reach more than USD 1.7 trillion by 2025 according to recent research by Mordor Intelligence. E-commerce is primarily fuelling this growth through the outsourcing of logistics processes, including inventory management, warehousing, and order fulfilment. For e-commerce companies successful order fulfilment has never been a more vital part of their process, customer expectations far exceed what was the ‘norm’ only a year ago and so as they grow and their customer obligations become ever more complex they can often find that fulfilling orders in-house is no longer feasible, leading them to outsource their fulfilment to a 3PL company.

  • 3PL Logistics warehousing solutions
    3PL Logistics warehousing solutions
  • 3PL 3rd Third Party Logistics Warehouse Management System WMS Solution
    3PL 3rd Third Party Logistics Warehouse Management System WMS Solution

To win this business in an increasingly competitive market the best 3PL companies need to deploy the latest software technologies to efficiently and flexibly manage their multi-client businesses. This is where a leading Warehouse Management System (WMS) solution is able to deliver major benefits and give your 3PL the competitive edge. A WMS will significantly boost a 3PL’s ability to effectively manage the shared-space warehouse environment including streamlining processes, tracking shipments, and locking down your receiving processes so retaining real-time visibility of the 3rd party order fulfilment process. A WMS will also give you the tools to help customise and expand your range of offerings such as shortened delivery timescales, end-to-end logistics and omni-channel solutions.

Indigo has been an expert in warehousing solutions for over 40 years and our Indigo WMS software is an award winning, best-of-breed warehouse management solution proven in numerous business critical operations around the globe.

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