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E-commerce Warehouse Management System

Indigo WMS provides the ideal solution for your e-commerce warehousing challenges.

  • Why do you need an ecommerce Warehouse Management System WMS
    Why do you need an ecommerce Warehouse Management System WMS
  • WMS Return on Investment for an ecommerce warehouse
    Warehouse Management System WMS Return on Investment for an ecommerce warehouse
  • Holiday Shopping Warehouse Management System WMS
    Holiday Shopping Warehouse Management System WMS

In a very competitive e-commerce marketplace with ever increasing consumer expectations, companies live and die by their online reputation. In this demanding environment you need the best Warehouse Management System (WMS) solution available to enable seamless, reliable and speedy order fulfilment to the end customer.

Whether you are a rapidly expanding e-commerce start-up or a more mature company going online for the first time, Indigo WMS delivers a proven real time warehousing solution trusted by numerous companies around the globe.

The E-commerce Landscape

Having worked with a wide range of organisations, Indigo Software has extensive first-hand experience of the many different variants of e-commerce businesses in operation today. These business models include:

  • Pure e-tail operation
  • Multichannel retail business
  • Omnichannel business

Although these e-commerce models vary in complexity, each one has some fundamental requirements in common. These include: a need to develop flexible, accurate and efficient warehouse operations; having the ability to accommodate a variety of order profiles and satisfy the demand for OTIF (on time in full) delivery targets; and achieve customer service excellence whilst mitigating excessive operating costs.

Getting these core ingredients for successful e-commerce right falls squarely into the domain of supply chain strategy. No longer a back-room function, the opportunity presented by e-commerce has propelled warehouse and logistics operations – and the wider supply chain – to become a highly strategic business centre. Contrary to popular belief, it is the warehouse and not the website that is the hub of an e-commerce operation.

What Makes an E-commerce Warehouse Special?

An e-commerce warehouse needs to be able to effectively manage:

  • Resource intensive, single item order profiles
  • Unpredictable demand
  • High price sensitivity
  • Expectation for free or low cost deliveries
  • Micro-optimisation of processes
  • A seamless, convenient service

Why do you Need an E-commerce WMS?

A good e-commerce WMS will have features to efficiently address many of the common problem areas that an e-commerce warehouse can experience. These typically include:

  • Poorly planned pick faces and time consuming walk-throughs
  • Reliance on excess inventory to counter poor accuracy
  • Seasonal peaks and discount events become a fulfilment nightmare
  • More time spent on fire-fighting than strategic improvements
  • Multichannel service expectations resulting in spiralling costs
  • Returns processing is cumbersome resulting in lost sales

E-commerce WMS Integrations

Indigo Software has many years integration experience in warehousing environments enabling real-time data connectivity. Our Open Integration Server and flexible mapping capabilities reside alongside your existing systems; so whether you use solutions from Microsoft, Oracle, Infor, Sage or from any other ERP, TMS or SCP vendor, Indigo WMS will seamlessly integrate ensuring that the data in your systems is live, up to date and visible throughout your entire process. Indigo Software is also able to offer a real time link between the warehouse and the e-commerce storefront to significantly improve warehouse management efficiencies. The integrations automate order fulfilment workflows allowing e-commerce orders to be directly imported into the WMS, and tracking numbers to be exported directly to the online shopping cart.

WMS Return on Investment (ROI) for an E-commerce Warehouse

As with every business investment, making a decision is dependent upon achieving the right outcomes and ROI. From experience, most e-commerce companies introducing Indigo WMS will achieve a full return on their capital expenditure in 12 months or less but in some cases, the payback time is even shorter. Benefits are seen in the form of improved productivity and efficiency, fewer lost sales, consistently achieving operational KPI’s and generally being better able to support business growth whilst controlling head count.

Download Indigo Software’s e-commerce WMS whitepaper to discover the benefits that Indigo WMS can deliver for your e-commerce warehouse.