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Food & Drink

90% of sandwiches in the UK have been scanned through Indigo's warehouse management system (WMS) software? Indigo has many customers in the food and drink industry who face daily warehouse management pressures such as consolidation, growing competition, flat market growth and complex SKU growth.

  • Sandwich Food Warehouse Indigo WMS Warehouse Management System
    Sandwich Food Warehouse Indigo WMS Warehouse Management System
  • Loch Lomond Group Whisky
    Loch Lomond Group Whisky
  • Lees 3
  • bottles greene king

Indigo’s food and drink warehouse management customers include: Greene King, Samworths, Ginsters, Greencore Foods, McCabes, Loch Lomond Group, Lees of Scotland, Blue Earth Foods, and Oscar Mayer.

Benefits of Food and Drink WMS

Companies have designed complex stockless solutions to feed the major retailers with stock on an almost hourly basis.  With order to despatch times and products measured in hours and minutes rather than days it is vital that the warehouse management system (WMS) can handle the high throughput of the products with finesse.

Indigo WMS has proven to transform food and drink businesses. Our systems have been devised specifically to optimise your warehouse operation and improve efficiency, here are some great benefits and ROI results from using our WMS.

Why choose Indigo?

Indigo have the right solutions and experience to help you face these challenges head on in every step of the process. We have over 400 man years’ of collective experience in food and drink warehouse management solutions. This ensures that the system is specific and tailored for your business, ensuring optimal performance and robustness.

For further information about how Indigo WMS can benefit your food and drink warehouse please Contact Us.