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Indigo Press Coverage

Indigo Software is a leading provider of Warehouse Management Systems Software and is frequently asked to contribute its expertise to thought leadership articles and industry commentary in the press. Below is a list of the recent press coverage Indigo Software has achieved, please click on the relevant link to read the full story:

January 2019

Small but Mighty - How SMEs can tackle their Logistics Operations | Logistics Manager

Indigo Software at IntraLogisteX 2019 - the two key days in February | Logistics Manager

Is your warehouse 'choc full' of stock? How to manage excess inventory more efficiently | Supply Chain Times

Baby Care Group Mayborn see average 69% efficiency boost with new warehouse software | Warehouse & Logistics News

December 2018

Indigo Software Feature on Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) | Warehouse and Logistics News - The Annual 2019

Baby Care Group Mayborn see boost with Indigo | BDaily North East

Baby Care Group Mayborn Sees Average 69% Efficiency Boost with New Warehouse Software | Logistics Voices

Baby Care Group Mayborn Sees Average 69% Efficiency Boost with New Warehouse Software | Retail Voices

WMS: jack of all trades? | Logistics Manager

November 2018

Global brand manufacturer invests in County Durham based Indigo software | Business Durham

Tips for a slavery free supply chain | CILT Focus

Avoid slavery in your Black Friday warehouse |

Is your Black Friday supply chain slavery free? | Retail Tech Innovation Hub

Ensure there's no slave labour in your Black Friday warehouse | Logistics Voices

Warehouse control anywhere | The Grocer's Guide to Logistics, Warehousing & Transportation

Ensure there's no slave labour in your Black Friday warehouse | Warehousing Logistics International

Retailers paradise: warehouse automation - Retail markets are changing rapidly, but how are warehouse operations responding? | Logistics Manager

October 2018

Integrated supply chain execution with a best of breed WMS | IT in the Supply Chain

Raising a toast to greater IT efficiency - Taking a look at Loch Lomond Group's IT Estate and the business and operational benefits these systems bring to the company - Indigo WMS featured | Manufacturing & Logistics IT

Can we transform the skills shortage into a ‘change for good’ - Indigo Software | Supply Chain Digital

Confectionery and meringue specialist turns to cloud technology to improve process innovation and boost productivity | Confectionery News

How supply chain 4.0 is impacting manufacturers | CILT Focus 

Lees sees snowball effect of good warehouse management | Retail Logistics International 

September 2018

What are the benefits of investing in warehouse automation | Warehouse & Logistics News

Lees of Scotland commissions production efficiency software | Confectionery Production

Warehouse Automation: Does one size fit all? | Logistics Manager

Understanding the benefits of warehouse automation | Logistics IT

August 2018

What are the benefits of warehouse automation? | Warehousing Logistics International

July 2018

British B2B companies should export to Asia | CILT Focus

Reverse Logistics | Logistics Manager

What should warehouse managers know about supply chain digitalisation? | Warehouse & Logistics News

Loch Lomond toasts success with Indigo | Factory Equipment

June 2018

Exports begin at home  |  CBI Business Voice

Indigo WMS toasts success with Loch Lomond  |  Warehouse & Logistics News

Loch Lomond  |  Food & Drink Network UK

What does it take to digitalise?  |  Logistics Manager

Polished picking  |  Logistics Manager

Five factors affecting the warehouse of the future  |  Warehouse & Logistics News

May 2018

The businesses selling into unusual export countries  |

DCs of the future:  ten critical issues  |  Logistics Manager

Animal 'rips' omnichannel with Indigo | Automation

April 2018

Indigo appoints new CEO and expands leadership team  |

Indigo Software promotes COO to CEO  |

Indigo appoints new CEO  |  Warehouse and Logistics News

Indigo appoints new CEO and expands leadership team  |

Indigo appoints new CEO  |  Logistics Manager

New WMS at ESPO  |  UKWA Warehouse Magazine

The intelligent warehouse  |  Logistics Manager

March 2018

6 ways an ecommerce warehouse is special  |  Retail Logistics International

Optimising your warehouse for ecommerce  |  Warehouse & Logistics News

Coastal Pet leads Indigo to further US expansion  |  Warehouse & Logistics News

Pickface challenge  |  Logistics Manager

Challenges mount as e-sales boom  |  Logistics Manager

February 2018

Alphamega new WMS will help streamline operations  |  Warehouse (UKWA)

ESPO boosts profitability and performance using Indigo  |  Warehouse & Logistics News

The warehouse as the online 'engine room'  |  HSS Magazine

Coastal Pet leads Indigo to further US expansion  |  Logistics IT

Coastal Pet expands with Indigo WMS  |  Pet Age

Indigo says new support and sales venture will help business grow  |  Northern Echo

Coastal Pet leads Indigo to further US expansion  |  Retail Dive

Coastal Pet finds cost savings with Indigo WMS  |  Supply & Demand Chain Executive

Coastal Pet leads Indigo to further US expansion  |  Supply Chain IT

Coastal Pet leads Indigo to further US expansion  |  Retail Logistics International

January 2018

Alphamega implements Indigo WMS  |  HSS Magazine

Alphamega Supermarkets drives modernisation with Infor & Indigo | PR Newswire

Alphamega implements Indigo WMS in two DCs | Warehouse & Logistics News

Alphamega implements Indigo WMS in two DCs | Logistics Business

Alphamega implements Indigo WMS in two DCs | Supply Chain IT

Industry 4.0 | Freightweek

December 2017

2017 Round up | Warehouse & Logistics News

How to keep your warehouse in sync with sales promotions | Supply Chain IT

How to keep your warehouse in sync with sales promotions  |  Warehousing Logistics International

Making the right moves  |  Manufacturing & Logistics IT

Animal 'rips' omnichannel retailing with Indigo WMS  |  Warehouse & Logistics News

November 2017

The impact of supply chain 4.0 on manufacturing | Manufacturing Management

Key warehouse management success factors for a Black Friday bonanza | Warehouse and Logistics News

Animal case study coverage: 'Animal 'rips' omnichannel retailing with Indigo WMS'

Intelligence Services | Warehouse - UKWA

Warehouse software innovation | The Grocer's Guide to Logistics, Warehousing & Transportation

Skills Saviour | Logistics Manager

10 key ways supply chain 4.0 is impacting UK manufacturers | IT ProPortal

How will automation impact warehouse operations and management? | Warehouse & Logistics News

October 2017

Diamond in the rough | Logistics Manager

Moving with the times | Manufacturing and Logistics IT

How will automation impact warehouse operations and management? | Manufacturing and Logistics IT

September 2017

Make your budgets stretch further with Indigo WMS | Logistics and Transport Focus

Make it simple | Food Chain

Channel hopping | Logistics Manager

August 2017

10 key ways supply chain 4.0 is impacting UK manufacturers | Warehouse and Logistics News

July 2017

The simple approach | Food Chain Magazine

June 2017

Home delivery transforms culture of order picking  |  Logistics Manager

Making an entrance  |  Logistics and Supply Chain

May 2017

Sweet maker enjoys real time warehouse management  |  Automation Magazine

Food firm tightens operations |  Handling and Storage Solutions

Lees of Scotland - snowball effect  |  Confectionery Production

The world is your warehouse  |  Logistics Manager

Senior executives response to IT issues in the warehouse  |  UKWA Best Practice

Taking the biscuits - Lees case study  |  UKWA Best Practice

Warehouse simplification to support business growth  |  UKWA Best Practice

April 2017

Lees see snowball effect of real-time WMS  |  Warehouse & Logistics News

Supply chain uberisation  |  Logistics Business

Demand management  |  Logistics Manager

Indigo half term careers work experience  |  Warehouse & Logistics News

March 2017

Lees sees snowball effect of real-time warehouse management  |  Supply Chain IT

Ionics makes six figure investment in Indigo  |  Warehouse & Logistics News

Multiple site, unified systems  |  Food Manufacture

New technologies shaping the logistics industry  |  UKWA Warehouse Magazine

Lees of Scotland Case Study  |  Logistics Business IT

WMS - time to re-evaluate the technology  |  Logistics Manager

Achieve a budget surplus with Indigo WMS  |  Warehouse & Logistics News

February 2017

Uberisation of the supply chain  |  UKWA Warehouse Magazine

Ionics EMS chooses Indigo WMS  |  Various publications x5

Evaluating the benefits of goods to person picking  |  Warehouse & Logistics News

Uberisation of the supply chain  |  CILT Focus Magazine

Order picking process changes  |  Logistics Manager

January 2017

10 ways manufacturers waste food  |  The Grocer

Black Friday and new challenges  |  Logistics Manager

Logistics challenges to SMEs  |  Logistics Manager

December 2016

Indigo review of 2016  |  Warehouse & Logistics News The Annual

Indigo recruits outstanding graduates  |  Warehouse & Logistics News

Logistics Insights in APAC  |  Warehousing Logistics International

Review of the Year  |  SHD Logistics

November 2016

Coverage of Indigo MBO  |  Various publications

Indigo announces strategic partnership with CNX  |  Warehouse & Logistics News

Grocer Logistics, Warehousing and Transportation Guide

Role of automation in returns management  |  Logistics Manager

20 years in IT Logistics  |  Logistics Business Magazine

Indigo acquires rights to Cobwebb customers |  Warehouse & Logistics News

October 2016

Indigo & DDS Logistics collaborate  |  Warehouse & Logistics News

Omnichannel issues for food manufacturers  |  Food Manufacture

Data is in your hands  |  Food Manufacture

Collaboration and openness between supply chain partners  |  Food Manufacture

September 2016

Strategies for a shifting retail landscape  |  Logistics Manager

When is the right time to implement a WMS?  |  Warehouse & Logistics News

IMHX Preview Guide  |  Warehouse & Logistics News

August 2016

Indigo solves warehousing challenges  |  Warehousing Logistics International

Evans Vanodine case study  |  Handling Network Magazine

July 2016

Software will improve warehouse accuracy  |  UKWA Warehouse Magazine

The business case for automation systems  |  Warehouse & Logistics News

Starrett sees Indigo as perfect tool for the job  |  Warehouse & Logistics News

Overcome omni-channel warehouse challenges  |  Handling & Storage Solutions

IMHX Preview  |  Logistics & Supply Chain

Fashion warehouse solutions advice from Indigo Software  |  Logistics Manager

Indigo makes light work for Dickies   |  Warehouse & Logistics News

Starrett chooses Indigo  |   Logistics Manager

June 2016

The Times Supply Chain Strategies Supplement

Indigo expands consultants division  |  Warehouse & Logistics News

Ecommerce, picking strategies and goods-to-person models  |  Logistics Manager

May 2016

Don't let add-ons become turn-offs  |  HSS Magazine

Minimising the risk of 'value add'  |  Warehouse & Logistics News

Indigo Launches in Asia Pacific  |  Warehouse & Logistics News

April 2016

WMS provider launches in Asia Pacific region  |

Asian move an 'ideal option' for tech firms  |  The Northern Echo

Indigo Launches in Asia Pacific  |

Foodex Coverage  |  Warehouse & Logistics News

IntraLogisteX Review  |  Logistics Manager

March 2016

IntraLogisteX Coverage  |  Warehouse & Logistics News

Trends impacting pharmaceutical warehouses   |  Warehouse

Foodex Coverage  |  Food & Drink International

Foodex Coverage  |  Food & Drink Technology

Surfing the big data tidal wave  |  Food Manufacture

Picking at the speed of light (or sound)  |  Logistics Manager

4 ways retail industry trends impact on order picking  |  Warehouse & Logistics News

IntraLogisteX Preview  |  Warehouse

IntraLogisteX Preview  |  Logistics Manager

The customer is always right  |  Logistics & Supply Chain

Managing zero inventory  |  Logistics Business IT

February 2016

Tap into over 400 'expert' years of logistics  |  Warehouse & Logistics News

Evans Vanodine increase deliveries by 25% and reduce costs by £100k thanks to Indigo WMS  |  Automation Magazine

January 2016

Warehouse & Logistics News Annual Review

IMHX 2016 Preview  |  SHD Logistics

Logistics, Warehousing & Transportation Supplement