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  • Cutting the financial and environmental cost of reverse logistics

    15 May 2019

    For e-commerce companies, dealing with returns can be a daily challenge. Physically processing the volume of goods being returned – quickly - to minimise the time between them coming back to the warehouse and then being available for re-sale again, can be a constant battle.

  • Inspiring inPower User Conference

    03 May 2019

    Indigo recently sponsored and exhibited at the inPower Conference for Infor XA, Infor LX & Infor System 21 Users in Orlando, Florida and it proved an interesting event.

  • Best of breed or bolt on?

    05 April 2019

    Are you wondering whether an ERP bolt on is better value than a WMS? Often companies base their decision to use an ERP module on costs. The ERP vendor may have heavily discounted their WMS module or there is a perception it will be sufficient in the short term. But in the long run, the total cost to your business in term...

  • How does implementing a WMS work with my other business applications? ERP, finance and shop floor technology?

    26 March 2019

    Integration is the glue between applications than ensures business users have access to real-time information and can properly benefit from all the efficiencies that technology has to offer. How does IndigoWMS integrate with other systems like ERP, finance and ecommerce engines?

  • To 3PL or not? Are you in the 20% of companies looking to in-source?

    26 March 2019

    20% of the companies now approaching Indigo are looking to in-source their warehousing operations? They want to move away from using 3PLs and instead invest in warehouse management software like Indigo WMS, to develop their own, internal logistics capabilities. Here's why...