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Perpetual Inventory

Perpetual inventory systems, or cyclical counting, is the daily process of verifying the on-hand quantity of a specific number of stock products.

The Indigo WMS cyclical counting functionality significantly reduces the need for your business to produce complete stock counts on a monthly or yearly basis. Indeed, if a structured ABC count classification is adopted, it’s possible to demonstrate the ability of the process to a point where these fixed and expensive counting procedures are no longer required at all.

Cyclical counting is the most effective method of accurately recording and maintaining the inventory in your warehouse. The process offers many advantages, including:  

·               The ability to continue working while counting is in process

·               The accurate recording of all material movement

·               Ensuring that stock receipts are put away in the correct location

·               Preventing shrinkage from theft and the mishandling of stocked items

·               Allowing the Audit trail to be shortened to a more acceptable level

·               The opportunity to improve your processes through effectively analysing any stock discrepancies 

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