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Extensive QA Traceability

  • Handheld warehouse management system device

When product quality issues are raised, it is vital that affected products can be quickly and accurately identified throughout the entire supply chain. Audit routines provide a trail of what has happened to each unique element of stock during its entire lifecycle, providing extensive traceability options.

Indigo WMS’s freeze stock process can see goods automatically frozen at product receipt if required. 

Some items may need to be positively released on the back of test results. Where this is needed, the release of this stock can be processed in the quality departments easily, quickly, and most importantly, with a full audit trail.

From start to finish, Indigo’s traceability software allows complete visibility of the process. What’s more, the process is so simple and so flexible that it can easily be delegated to a more focused quality control team, giving your warehouse team more time to do what they do best.

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