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Voice Enablement

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Indigo’s voice WMS treats voice enabled users as simply another resource in the warehouse, driving picking events in the normal manner. Voice users can be mixed and matched with RDT operators, providing an ideal combination of optimised high speed picking processes, and more typical RDT based bulk pick transactions. And of course, hands-free voice-activated devices mean that your operators will no longer have to carry a mobile computer.

The Indigo WMS Voice picking software is particularly useful in sub-zero warehouse operations, where the need to wear gloves to keep warm means that their removal can seriously impede the picking process using RDTs.

The benefits of using Indigo’s Voice Picking Module are:

  • Low cost and easy implementation
  • Gives you full visibility of all picking based activity
  • Improved productivity levels
  • It is robust and easy to support
  • Totally hands free
  • Can be used in mixed mode (Hand held RDT’s and Voice devices)
  • No interfaces to stand-alone voice systems
  • No external professional services from multiple companies to implement
  • No internal IT requirements to support separate systems

Some FAQ:

1.       Can I use my existing warehouse RF network?

A.      Provided your network is 802.11 compliant, it is likely you can use the existing network

2.       Can it handle different dialects and accents?

A.      Yes, each user trains the system for their own voice allowing the technology to accurately recognise any user’s speech.

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