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Best Practice Pick Strategies

Flexible picking strategies define the efficient warehouse. Indigo WMS provides numerous picking styles ensuring that demand is always picked in the most efficient and appropriate manner.

Orders can be consolidated by customer, allowing an efficient pick path while removing any wasted time in the process. Waves of orders can be released based on the selected demand. Order priorities can be changed throughout the process to ensure the most important orders are picked in a timely manner. Integration via Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) allow external route scheduling applications to feed orders into Indigo WMS.

The Indigo WMS line picking process will support picking on a "just in time" basis.  This can apply to products that are manufactured in batches, and for example we have seen this in the "food to go" sector, this could be an issue for any environment in which products are being manufactured in batches.

The principle is that the product, shelf life, and lot information are identified via scanning, then orders requiring the product are fulfilled in turn. The system can be configured so that the decision on which orders are satisfied first can be manual or automated, with the operator being presented with the next highest priority order.

The solution also introduces the capability to Top Off part picked orders, allowing pallets which have been mostly picked to be topped up with the remaining products, as the products enter the warehouse. This process leads with the identification of a pick list, then showing the outstanding products, which can be selected and instructions obtained.

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