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Warehouse Resource Planning

Few people seem to appreciate just how complicated running a warehouse can be.

 Firstly, there’s the stock, it’s all over the place, even the simplest of warehouses can host hundreds of different items of stock, and every single item will have its own unique shipping and storage requirements.

Then there’s the processes. At any one time, ReceivingPicking, Packing, Replenishments, Perpetual inventory counts can all be taking place, and every single one of them can be said to be integral in its own way.

With all this going on, you need systems in place that can ensure that all of your available resources – including your trucks, your staff, and your supply chain – are being used to the best of their abilities at all times.

Indigo WMS features a warehouse resource planning dashboard that gives you a full, uncluttered, and intuitive view of all of your ongoing processes. At a glance, you can see what everyone’s doing, and act upon any potential issues long before they become problematic.

Our warehouse resource planning system lets you define your areas and your priorities, so you only ever see the information that’s relevant to you.

 For example, the system can drive the picking of bulk pallets in the warehouse, letting you keep trucks in specific zones of the warehouse until all transactions have been processed. Full pallet and pick face demand can then be automatically assigned, by priority, to trucks in the warehouse based on their ability to work in those areas.

The system can also boost the efficiency of your staff through processing numerous transactions at once. Say, for instance, that one of your operators spends his shift moving full pallets from bulk locations to marshalling locations. But with the appropriate authorisation, this system can instead issue the occasional Replenishment or even Stock Counting transaction – whatever’s needed to keep things running smoothly.

With Indigo WMS, even the most sprawling and complicated of warehouses can be streamlined with ease.

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